UTN's Associations

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students has a number of associations that we work with. These are associations which conducts activities that may be of interest to union members.

An associate is an autonomous association that cooperates with the Corps. The association in question is working to arrange activities or other close union's other operations, but the corps itself does not arrange. Who will be associated compounds are decided by the union's General Council and in that way we can ensure that union activities are within what our members want.

UTN's associated compounds are:


Board of European Students of Tecnology (BEST) is an non-profit and non-political organization who's aim is to bring students, universities and companies in Europe closer to eachother. This is accomplished by providing students with non-formal education, business contacts and a network throughout the continent. BEST covers 33 countries with 96 localgroups based at universities with technological orientation. If you want to know more about BEST and get the opportunity to explore Europe - contact us or visit our facebook page: BEST Uppala.
Contact: uppsala [at] best.eu.org