Your local liaison officers

Your local student liaison officers are there as an support for you and you are more then welcome to visit the program-educational councils they organise to improve your education. They can conduct many of your opinions towards the program and even on higher instances if necessary both in the student union and the university.

Your educationprogram is both guraded on a local and central level. On the local there is a programspecific mainantance at the associated sections. All programs are represented at a section with their own liaison officers maninating student educational interests. The associated section works in many different ways but all has students represented in their specific program advisory board at their department and the unions standing committees. A programs advisory board is lead by the program coordinator and consists of the students represtentavies and other selected educationalcoordinators from the university. The board discuss everything from course evaluations, how the course is executed, the structure of the program itself and the development of these areas.

Do not hesistate to contact your local liaison officers if you have questions.

Local liaison officers
BASbevakare [at]
DVdv-sr [at]
ESes-sr [at]
Futbildning [at]
H - buildh-sr-b [at]
H - Civ elh-ordf [at]
H - electroh-sr-e [at]
H - nuclearh-sr-k [at]
H - machineh-sr-m [at]
ITit-sr [at]
KK-sr [at]
NVBnvb-utb [at]
NVFnvf-sr [at]
NVGnvg-sr [at]
NVKnvk-orf [at]
NVLnvl-utb [at]
NVMnvm-sr [at]
Qq-sr [at]
STSSTS-sr [at]
WW-sr [at]
Xx-utb [at]