PhD student

Here will you as a PhD student find information on who is here to help you and which ones to represent you against the faculty and the university.

As a PhD student at the Faculty of Sciences ant Technology you are a member of the PhD students' council of the faculty of science and technology, TNDR,  which appoints PhD  student representatives within the faculty. If you have problems during your studies, you can get the help from the half-time employed PhD student ombudsman. 

TNDR – Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga doktorandrådet

If youare a PhD-student at the Sci-Tech faculty you are represented by the TNDR.

TNDR is the body that represents all PhD students within the Faculty of Science and Technology here in Uppsala University. Their aim is to monitor and pursue issues regarding the rights and concerns of PhD students within the faculty. They have student representatives at both university-level and faculty-level committees which are the decision making bodies within the university. These representatives are elected by their 'council' at their annual general meeting. 

TNDR is a part of Doktorandnämnden*, a big council of PhD-students at Uppsala university.
Do you want to get in contact with TNDR or read more about their work visit their website. If you are curious about being a PhD-student you can lookthroght the doktorandnämndens own PhD Handbook or

Contact information:

TNDRs chair: Rasmus Luthander
E-Mail: rasmus.luthander [at]

*Doktorandnämnden is co-finansed by the three unions, Uppsala teknolog- och naturvetarkår, Farmacevtiska studentkåren och Uppsala studentkår.(Currently no PhDs at Campus Gotland)


In addition to the union's four full-time remunerated Student Liaison Officers, we also have a full-time employed Studentombud*.

Are you a PhD student you can get advice and answers to your questions by the Studentombud. The Studentombud can instruct and help in matters of both great and minor character. For example, you can get help interpreting the rules and regulations applicable in different cases, or get help with student finance issues. But even in big issues such as conflicts between you and your supervisor or department management is the Studentombud always here to help you. The Studentombud has confidentiality.

Ofcourse are even you as a PhD student welcom to contact the Unions Student Liaison Officers

Contact to th Studentombud:

Phone and visiting time;
Tuesdays: 09.00 - 15.00
Wednesdays: 09.00 - 15.00 
Thursdays: 12.00 - 18.00

It is also possible to book another time with the Studentombud. The easiest way is to call or email.

Mail: studentombud [at]
Phone: 018 – 480 31 32
Visting: Övre slottsgatan 7

*The Studentombud is a service for all PhD student at Uppsala University graduate co-financed by the four unions, Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students, Pharmaceutical student association, Uppsala Student Union and Gotlands student union Rindi.