Central Student Liaison Officiers

UTN has four full time working Student Liaison Officiers who are responsible to represent the students in boards and faculties making decisions regarding issues related to all study programs. In addition to this work they also have different responsibilitys.

By representing a specific area UTN's central Student Liaison Officiers together cover the areas important for the Union. If you have questions or concerns related to any of these areas you can contact the responsible Student Liaision Officier. For more general questions you can contact bevakare [at] utn.se or come by our office at Uthgård.

Each Student Liaison Officier is also responsible for a standing committee. In the standing committee representatives from the sections working in the same area as the Student Liaison Officier gather to discuss common issues and find cooperation opportunities.


Educational issues 

The Union had two student liaison officers with responsibility for educational issues that works with issues regarding the quality of your education. This work involve to ensure that the teaching in your education are at a good educational level. Issues regarding examination, such as time limits for for correction of exams, are handled by this student liason officier. The student liaison officer with responsibility for educational issues is also helping students in specific cases when they got problems regarding to their education.

Student welfare issues 

The student liaison officer with responsibility for student welfare issues is working to make sure that you feel good and is treated fairly during your studies. This work involve issues about your study environment, such as how many study rooms there are or if there is ventilation in the classrooms.This student liaison officier also works with equality, psychosocial issues and is responsible for UTN's policies. The student liaison officer with responsibility for student welfare is also helping students in specific cases when they got problems regarding to their welfare.

Labour market issues & International issues

The student liaison officer with responsibility for labour market issues is working with issues regarding work relations in your education. This work involve to ensure that your education is preparing you for start working by for example guest lectures or study visits. In addition to this the student liaison officier with repsonsibility for labour market issues is working with promoting the various educational programs competencies to labour market representatives and is also responsible for the alumni activities.

The union's international work involves issues regarding the international students and international exchanges. This work involves the inclusion of international students in the student democracy and expose our activities to them, both in the educational issues and in our social events. International issues are driven by the union's Student Liaison with educational responsibilities for the science programs because most of the of international students at the faculty are studying among these courses.


In addition to the union's four full-time remunerated Student Liaison Officers we also have a student ombudsman*.

The Student Ombudsman can responds to questions regarding rules and guidelines of the University and provides assistance to problems related to your education. There is a wide range of national regulations and local guidelines that apply to your university studies and as a student it can sometimes be difficult to know what is what. The Student Ombudsman will help you, and is, like the Student Liaison Officers at the Union, trained in matters concerning student rights. The Student Ombudsman may be especially god to contact in discipline cases, but also in contact with differnet agencies, like CSN.

Even you as a PhD-student are welcom to contact the Studentombudsman with your questions about your education and rights as a PhD-student. 

All students at Uppsal university are welcome to contact the student ombudsman!


Telepone and visiting time are;

Tuesdays: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Wednesdays: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Thursdays: 12:00 to 18:00

It is also possible to book another time with the Student Ombudsman. The easiest way to do so are to call or email

Mail: studentombud [at] us.uu.se
Phone: 018-480 31 32
Visit: Övre slottsgatan 7

*The Student Ombudsman is a service for all Students at Uppsala University an is co-financed by the four Students unions, Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students, Pharmaceutical student association, Gotlands Student Union Rindi and Uppsala Student Union.


Student- and PHD student ombud

If a study related problem occurs during your time as a student or PhD student at Uppsala
University you are welcome to contact us. Study related problems that the ombudspersons
handle may, for example, concern emerged conflicts with the university, support in
disciplinary matters or if you feel you have been treated disadvantageously.
The student- and PhD student ombudspersons works for all student unions at Uppsala
University and offer help to all students and PhD students regardless if you are a member of
a student union or not. The service is free of charge. We help you on your own terms and
never bring up or share your situation with a third party without your consent to specifically
do so.

What can the ombudspersons do?
- Be a neutral and independent instance between you and Uppsala University in a
possible conflict.
- Help you understand your own rights and obligations.
- Help you with complaints.
- Investigate whether Uppsala University follows the rules in handling your cases and
protects your rights.
What can’t the ombudspersons do?
- Take your side against Uppsala University when UU has followed laws, regulations
and policies.
- Decide on the matter.
- Instruct or get instructed by units or decision-making bodies at Uppsala University.
- Be an appeal body for issues already addressed and dealt with by other entities or
decision-making bodies at Uppsala University.

Contact information:
E-mail: ombud [at] us.uu.se
Phone: 018 – 480 31 32 or 018 - 480 31 10
To book a meeting with the ombudspersons, please contact us by email or phone.
Good to know! If you are a student at ground or advanced level: All student unions at
Uppsala University have their own local Student Liaison Officers whose assignment is to
help students in study related matters. Their offices are located in the different student
campuses. Therefore we recommend that you initially contact them with your question since
they have better insight of the specific courses or program that you study. This is their
contact information:

US - http://www.uppsalastudentkar.se/studiebevakning
UTN - https://www.utn.se/sv/studiebevakning/dina-centrala-studiebevakare
JF - http://www.jf-uppsala.se/kontakt/
UE - http://uppsalaekonomerna.se/studiebevakning/
Farmis - http://www.farmis.se/studiebevakning/skydd-student-och-doktorandombud/
Rindi - https://www.rindi.com/studiebevakning