When you have completed your studies at the Faculty of Science and Technology you become an alumni. UTN operates to keep good contact with our alumni, both on a central level and on a local level in the sections.

By keeping good contact with our alumni, students expand their professional network, access information within their areas of expertise as well as get help on the way into start working. Alumni's contribution such as inspiration for current students and a resource in developing university activities is of great importance.

Each semester all UTN alumni are invited to an alumni event. In addition to this UTN also organizes alumni events for those who has been involved in our committees, working groups, our board and management team.

UTN keep in touch with alumni primarily through our group in Uppsala University alumni network. If you want information about union activities, invitations to our alumni events and have the opportunity to stay in touch with other alumni you can register in this group. You can also join our alumni groups on Facebook or LinkedIn.

In UTN's management team it is the Head of Market Affairs who is responsible for alumni activities.
Please contact us if you have questions or concerns.

Supporting Member of UTN
Being a supportive member of UTN means you will be able to participate in events and follow the work that the union conduct, however, you will not contribute to the distribution of seats in the council.

To apply for membership support, use the following link:

To complete the membership, you pay 150 SEK through this link:

Your support membership is valid for one fiscal year and you will receive a reminder to renew your support membership in the member update in October. As support- and union member you have the benefit to get up prices at our events, in the Café Buck and on our Thursday pubs! In order to verify your (support) membership,
you must have a sticker on your mecenat/ nation card. If you do not study any more, you can of course put the sticker on any other card where your name is. The sticker can be collected in Café Bocken, give your social security number and that you are a supporting member.

Do you have thoughts and ideas on how we can take care of you as a support member,
feel free to get in touch with ordf [at]!

Petter Elgh
018-57 25 21