Labour market affairs

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students is working hard to create a good connection between the labour market and our educations and possibilites for Students and Employers to meet.

The connection with the labour market is extremly important because as a new engineering or science student you may have an interest of a specific field, but this may shift during your studies and thats why UTN works on a wide range of labouring market events. Though the education and different corporate events we hope that you as a student will get a greater understanding of what you can work with after you graduate.

The Management Team in UTN has two students working fulltime with improving your educations connection to the labour market; the Head of Labour Marketing Affairs and the Head of Corporate Relations. These two persons are chosen by the Union board, and if you have any questions about the labour market, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Uppsala University and the SciTech-faculty also work woth labour market affairs

The Union can tip you about the Universitys work database: At the University you also work with different events, eg How to write a CV or how to start up your own company.

The SciTech-faculty works with career coaching and on you can read more about internships, the mentors programme etc.

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