UTN central organisation

Within UTNs' central organisation there are challenges and missions suitable for everyone. You as a student can be a part of the UTN Council to affect the whole future of the union or in the unionboard to have to continously change the organisation. For the productive student it can be of interest to be head of Administration or in the Editorial staff for the union magazine Techna to develop and show your creativity. Read more of all exciting involvement here!

The Union Board

The Board consists of seven delegates elected by the UTN council. Two of the delgates is the UTN Presending committee (the President and Vice President) is fully remunerated while the remaining delegates are full time students. The whole board is elected during the UTN council meeting in April.


As a delegate in the unions board you got the opportunity to develop UTN as an organisation and be a part of the strategic work in the organisation. The board envisions, plans and make sure the strategic goals the council decides becomes reality. By being part of the unions board you get an insight in the whole organisation and the possibility to influence the unions work in a far perspective.


Do you have a passion for leadership issues and want to represent the students at the Sci-Tech faculty? As the President you get the opportunity to lead the union for a better student-Uppsala and work directly towards the university board and the university’s central organisation. Together with the union board you work for the organisation to pull the same direction and become stronger.

Vice President

UTNs' vice president leads the organisations internal operations, all committees and all work groups. Are you the one who like to make other develop and make sure everyone is on track? As a vice president you are working with all committed students, gathering their experiences and ideas and develop the continuously projects UTN has to offer. The vice president is also in charge of the unions economy, both administration and strategic. 

The Management team

Why compromise between studies and commitment? The more time you put into it the more you receive back in form of experience and skill – a commonly returning truth in discussions about student commitment. UTN gives you the possibilities to be committed on a full time basis for something you feel is really important and at the same time give you a real big push in personal development. Uppsala union of Engineering and Science Students has ten fully remunerated students with different fields of responsibility to make your studying time at Uppsala University safe, meaningful and fun. To be a part of the team you don’t need a lot of experiences, what you need is the energy and enthusiasm for the task. You don't want to be lazy and get away from your studies, you want to be thrown into that world of excitement where you get the tools to make your visions together with your colleagues. 

Liaison Officer with responsibility for Labour market affairs

This liaison officers duty is to work for the connection between the labour market and education programms to be up to date and affect the universitys vision about the labourmarket. The officer is, as all liaison officers, also working for maintain the student interests. 

UTN's Liaison Officer with responsibility for Labour market affairs is remunerated on a calendar year basis, keep an eye out for the proclamation in the autumn!

Liaison Officer with responsibility for Internationalisation

The head of international Affairs is responsible for the maintaining of students interests regarding internationalisation and the facultys internationalisation efforts. A part of being Head of Internal Affairs at the Union is also to make it easier for international students to be a part of the Unions maintaining of welfare and educational related questions and our student-social operations.

UTN's Liaison officer with international responsibility is remunerated on a calendar year basis, keep an eye out for the proclamation in the autumn!

Liaison Officer with responsibility for student welfare

The welfare officer works for all the students welbeing and the studyenvironment at the univerversity. This includes information and help against descrimmination and harrasments. This officer is also the head of the standing committee on student welfare and the council of reception. 

UTN's Liaison Officer with responsibility for student welfare is remunerated on academic year basis, keep an eye out for the proclamation during the spring!

Liasion Officer with responsibility of Academic affairs

The academic officer leads the council of educations operations and is the main contact with the associated sections student-study councils. This officer is purly working with students educational matters and thereby gets a deep knowledge of the university and the facultys educations. 

UTN's Liaison officer with responibility of Academic affairs is remunerated on academic year basis, keep an eye out for the proclamation during the spring!

Information Officer

Are you outgoing, structured and focused? Do you like creative challenges? Do you want to be the link between the students and the unions organisation? Then you should apply for Information Officer! The Information Officers task is to inform the students at the faculty and the rest of the world about the Unions operations. Take care of the membership base and administer the UTN webpage as well to make sure that the work groups and committees follow UTN's graphical profile.

UTN's Information Officer is remunerated on academic year basis, keep an eye out for the proclamation during the spring!

Head of Festivities

Are you looking for a fun and exciting leadership challenge? As responsible for UTN's festivities you are the leader of the Pub Crew and have responsibility for its operations as well as its economy and the orders of food and drinks. The head of festivities is together with the manager of the café liable for a welcoming atmosphere at Uthgård and that everyone working in the kitchen and bar has the required training and follows the regulations and routines. The head of festivities has the final responsibility for all alcohol used in the Unions operations and that its' handling is within the regulations.

UTN's Head of Festivities is remunerated on a calendar year basis, keep an eye out for the proclamation in the autumn!

Café Manager

Are you handy in the kitchen, love keeping it clean and like to delegate? Do you have grand visions and like order? Do you want to lead a kitchen group and develop UTN's social operations? Then you should apply to Café Manager!

The Café Manager keeps Uthgård alive by conducting café business and together with the Head of the Festivities ensure the permits and routines for the kitchen is followed. You will always meet new people and will be the hub for UTNs' daily operations.

UTN':s Café Manager is remunerated on academic year basis, keep an eye out for the proclamation during the spring!

Head of Corporate Relations and project leader for Utnarm

Do you want to show possible futures for your fellow students? Do you want to make contacts and create cooperation’s for the students? Do you want to be the one behind one of Uppsalas biggest career fairs?

Head of corporate relations (SK) is responsible for UTN to arrange opportunities for the facultys students to meet future employers and get an insight in the upcoming labour market. SK is has the final responsibility for the execution of the Utnarm career fair. SK is also a contact to ease at cooperation with external partners within the organisation. The purpose behind SK is to create opportunities for the students and the labour market to meet.

UTN's Head of Corporate Relations is remunerated on a calendar year basis, keep an eye out for the proclamation in the autumn!

The Unioncouncil

The Union council (FUM) is Uppsala union of engineering and science students final decision taking organ. In the council the students of the SciTech-faculty decides the directions for the union board and how they want the organisation to work in the future. The council consists of thirty three delegates that represents the programs and section at the faculty. As a member in UTN you have the right to be a part of the discussion and give suggestions and proposals.

The presending committee of the council

The council speakers task is to compile the necessary documents, send out the vocations and lead the union council meeting. The meeting takes place three times every semester. The deputy speaker is a stand in the lack of pretence of the speaker and helps out before and during the meeting. The secretary and deputy secretary are responsible for taking notes and make sure everything during the meeting gets written down and saved. They also help to prepare the meetings. Do you want to be a part of developing the presending committee of the council, the student union and have a lot of fun? The presenting committee of the union council is elected during its December meeting.

Union Councillor

As a councillor in the Union council you represents your fellow students interest together with students from other sections and together set the course for the Union. By discussion and making decisions about UTNs' activity plan, budget and what opinions and projects UTN shall have you get experience of strategic organisation planning and lots of contacts! The Councillors is elected every year in their section associations. Contact your section association to get more information in how to candidate. 

The election committee

To be a part of the election committee is both a fun and giving experience where you get an insight in how to recruit and the process behind it. The election committee helps the board and council to find candidates for the different available posts at UTN. The election committee announce and markets the posts and also hold the interviews and nominates to the decide takers.

The committees president is elected for one year by the council in December. The rest of the delegate are elected in their respective UTN-section. 


Do you like to take photos, design or write? Do you want to be a part of a team to create something read by thousands of students? Then you should get involved in the union magazine Techna!

Techna is sent home to UTN's members twice a semester and it might be just you who decides what is in it! The Editorial staff is led by one Editor in Chief and one Deputy Editor in Chief, both elected by the Unioncouncil in December. The two of them has the task to recruit staff and lead the process of creating the magazines. 

Internal Auditor

UTN has two internal auditors who make sure that the unions organisation follows its bylaws. The auditors has a good insight in the unions daily operations and supports the union Board in their work. 

Unionhouse Caretaker

Are you handy and have initiative personality? Do you like to make things work and see improvements? Then you might be the person to care for the unions all materialised values! UTN has a lot of things that needs some extra care. Everything from the 150 year old unionhouse Uthgård to the union car Bocken. No matter if you like to tinker, paint och sow curtains there is guaranteed a fun project to be a part of. The best part of being the caretaker is that you will have your own team to work with!

For more information about becoming the caretaker please contact our information officer.