Student representative

The maintaning and developement of student-educational interests at the SciTech-faculty is in many cases students that are represented and active in councils, work groups and at meetings. The groups are divided into different areas: programspecific, faculty and the central university level.

You as a SciTech-student can be a part of change and inluence on your and your friends educational time at the university!! By being a studentrepresentative you make sure the opinions of your fellow students are raised in the agenda. As a representative you got the same rights as other delegates and would you for example miss an obligatory part of your education you have the right to redo that part. 

Without the committeed students the work to develop, maintain and improve our educations be a much slower process. As one of these students you get a unique insight of how the university works, an understanding for your lecturer and lab supervisors work, and learn how to affect your education and your studyenviornment to the better!

Are you interested to represent the students in your program or section in for example student council or departmentboard you can contact your section. Contactinformation for the sections are available in the tab labled "Contact".

Are you interested to represent at a higher level and affect more than just your program and section? Get in touch with UTN's Head of Academic Affairs or keep an eye out on the webpage for available posts during the mid of the spring semester.

For more information about the distribution of committed students read: Fördelningsdokument - 120215 - Fördelning av studerandeledamöter.pdf. To read the Unions policy for committed students read: Policy - 130520 - Policy för studentrepresentanter.pdf.

Unfortunately are these documents not available in english.