Committees and Workgroups

Most of the social events and activities that are arranged by the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students is planned and executed by either a work groupe or a committee.

The Work Groups consists of volunteering students working on the side of their studies.The difference between a committee and a work group is that work groups works continuously through the whole year, while the committee often is very specific to a special event. It's common that the committees have an elected chairman and a deputy chairman. They are the project leaders where the deputy often has the economical responsibilities. They are the leaders and support the other members in their work. 

Continue to read about the different involvements UTN has to offer here and to find out more about what post that are out for hire at the "Available posts at UTN" page. Don't forget to check it both now and then! 

 UTN:s Ball Committee (Balkå)

The Students' Science Ball is organized once every two years by Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students, and is traditionally held at Uppsala Castle where everyone interested is welcome. In the committee you can be responsible for the entertainment, event, sponsorships et cetra. The bal is during the springsemester and depending on how early, the post for the committee is decided late spring or early autum. 

 UTN:s SciTech Properietory Committee (Baskå)*

Do you want to be one of the leaders for the properietory years' reception? Baskå is a small committee with seven people in charge and you will be workign with a close contact to the new students and get to know them. This is a opertunity to put your charm on the not so developed concept of properietory receptions. The project leader and the depty project leader are for hire shortly after the new year begin. After that, the rest of the committee is for hire. 

 UTN:s Event Group

UTNs Event group consists of seven to eight students who continuously volunteer to arrange events with companies and organisations. This is to maintain and develop the necessary contacts between them and the Union. These organisations and companies might be the future employer of our students and it's important to make sure our students stay in their interests.

As a part of the event group you get the chance to get in contact with interesting companies and organisations and even plan and execute events with them. Examples of events is case evenings and lunch lectures. Read more about organisation and company events here.

 UTN:s Examenation Committee (Examenkå)

Resposible for the gasque that takes place after the faculty's yearly examinationcermoni every autumn. All the student that graduate at the SciTech during the last year is welcome. The ceremony take place in the Grand Auditorium and the graduates will be celebrated at the evening gasque that the committee arrange. The committee is a greate way to get in contact with alumns at the faculty. Examenskå is out for hire the entire springsemester. 

UTN:s Rafting Committee (Forskå)

Is responsible for the riverrafting down fyrisån at walpurgis every year. Forskå are the masterminds behind the Riverfestival the week before walpurgis with activities during the day and music and party in the evenings. The Riverfestival is always by the site where the rafts are buildt by the teams rafting. In the committee there are many different areas of responsibility for example the starting area, security, food, material and marketing just to mention a few. Forskås presending committee is for hire during may and the rest of the committee during the autumn semister.

 UTN:s Photography Group

Knäppgökarna is perfect for the social student who want to share it's interest with other passionate photographers. Learn more and develop your photography skills as you get new friends to brighten your day. Hangout a few times each semester and just swing by if are interested to hear more, you are more than welcome. You can reach them at their  facebookpage where everything happens! The chair of the photography groupe is for hire in may. (Currently vacant!)

 UTN:s Pub crew (Klubbverket)

The Pub crew is the team behind the ThursdayPubs. Together they plan and executes the pub event at Uthgård. The Crew is also responible for staff and personel in the kitchen and bar when the unionhouse is rented for events. We have a Head of Festivities working fulltime and four heads woringing part-time with different responsebuileties such as staff, events, kitchen or bar. The crew also consists of hosts and a small staff. The main porpuse of the pubcrew is to give students an opertunity to visit Uthgård after a fullday of studies to meet friends, have nice food and drinks, all in a relaxed environment. The Head of Festivities is a memeber of utns' management team and the post is for hire during October. The rest of the team is for hire after that post is appointed. It's always possible to try working in the bar and kitchen as a Crew. Read more about being a crewmember here.

 UTN:s Culture Group

The Culturegroup is UTNs work group for members who are interested in activities typical for the engineering and naturescience culture. The workgroup has during the years been very variated in its activities but have always had focus on that the members will have fun together. A part of the workgroup is the UTN choir who is continuously having practices and other events as for example the Lucia celebration. The chair of the Culture group is for hire during may. 

 UTN:s Masterreceptioncommittee (Masterkå)*

The Masterrecception is for all the students starting their Master education at the SciTech-faculty. Here is a big opportunity to get in touch with internationalisation and to meet both Swedes and people from the rest of the world. Masterkå is still an early development and you got the perfect opportunity to set your mark on it. So if you find it interesting to develop and create new concepts, and have international interests, Masterkå is something for you! The Masterrecception event is completely in English. 

 UTN:s Polhacks committee (Polhackskå) 

Responsible for the UTN:s gaming-event Polhacks. The committee is recognized by it's orange colour that is also Polhacks theme. In the committee you can for example be in charge of tournaments, boardgames, the computer network, electricity, webbsystems, safety or why not prints? The chairman and deputy is for hire during the mid of the autumnsemester, the rest of the committee is for hire short afterwards.

 UTN:s Proprietorial Teachers* 

The Head of Prep Teachers is responible for all students working as prepteachers. The prepteachers are in charge of a, volunterly, mathematical start up course for new students during the TD and MFK-receptions. The purpose of the course is to repeat the swedish gymnasium (high school) mathematics for a fresh start to their new studies. The Head of Prep Teachers is also together with the Head of Computer Prep Teachers responsible for the computeral properitorials to give an introduction to the university computersystems. 

UTN:s Puzzel Hunt Committee (Rallykå)

The Puzzel Hunt Commite, also Rallykå, is behind the Puzzel Hunt rally in september every year. There are currently ten posts in the committee with specific areas of responsibility. During the Hunt there are different stations, puzzels, tons of other fun things and even a gasque in the end of the exiting day for the contestents to take part in.

UTN:s Engineering and Computerscience reception (TD-reception)*

UTN:s biggest reception is organised by almost 70 students, many hundreds if you count all the Buddies and volunteers. These students are all divided into work groups. The Buddy Committee (Fadderkå) is responible to educate, lead and support for all the buddies. The Mediacommittee (Mediakå) is responsible to document the receptions. There is also an activity and a markting group with their respective fields of responsibiility. Lastly there is the group with extra responsibility for everything and the objective to create a good connection between all the students with the help of the buddies. The presending committee for the reception is for hire in the middle of the autumn semester. After them, the management team is appointed and finally the rest of all the involed is hired during the begginging of the spring semester. Buddies and volunteers are the last ones to be hired during the middle/end of the spring semester. 

 UTN:s Utnarm Committee (Utnarmkå)

The Utnarm committee is responsible to organise the Utnarm career fair and the career event month every autumn. The fair is a part of UTN's larger activities where exiting and relevent business and potential employers get invited to create a meetingpoint between students and the labour market. The Utnarmmonth begins in Oktober with different types of companyevents and ends in the first week of November with the fair. The Utnarm Committee consists of seventeen students with different company related areas of responebility. The majority of the posts are for hire during January-February.


* A part of UTN:s receptionactivites for new students