Available posts at UTN

Current posts within UTN available for applies.

Click on respective position for more information. All applies are through the UTN aplication system apply.utn.se.

Did you know about the work behind our continuous events?

Is working in bar and pub of interest to you?

Then join UTN's Pub Crew! As a part of the crew you can sign up to work shifts at Thursdaypubs or hired events. No earlier experience? No problem! The Pub Crew will teach you and you will tag along a wonderful workgroup. For more information contact the Head of the Crew at [email protected]

Are you interested in photography?

Then you can join our group Knäppgökarna. Perfect for the social student who want to share it's interest with other passionate photographers. Learn more and develop your photography skills as you get new friends to brighten your day. Hangout a few times each semester and just swing by if are interested to hear more, you are more than welcome. You can reach us at our facebookpage where everything happens!

Do you want to join us creating the union magazine Techna?

Here you can be a reporter, writer, illustrator or why not a photographer? The Editor in Chief and the Deputy Editor in Chief is elected on a yearly basis. New editorial members are recruited through the year. For more information contact the Editor in Chief [email protected]