Utnarm is Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students Career Fair, held on Thursday week 45 every year. During an intense day the students get the opportunity to meet with companies and organizations from multiple business areas and industries. It's a great platform for students and industry to meet and discuss future thesis, summer jobs and employment.

Here SciTech's students gets the opportunity to find inspiration, motivation and valuable contacts for the future. The Fair is early in November but before two is weeks filled with exciting events to prepare students on what is expected of them out of business. The Fair is usually attended by about 90-100 exhibiting companies and organizations that are in place to meet interesting students. The fair takes place in the Print Room and the adjoining tent on Polacksbacken.


Why should a student go on Utnarm ?

Are you at the beginning of your education?

Take the opportunity to get inspiration for the future! Here you have all the possibilities to open your eyes to different exciting industries to see which variety of companies available. Most companies have good tips and advice for future study options and what studies can lead to. General but valuable advices can you find by all companies, so please do not hesitate to talk to the company that you do not think fits you. For who knows what to do when you get elder? Even during year 1 and 2 you have good opportunities to make contacts that can lead to interesting summer jobs.

Are you in the middle of your education?

Here you have the perfect location to talk to those companies that seem interesting for summer jobs, thesis and future employment. An excellent opportunity to be inspired for the choices you can focus on in your education and learn about useful lessons for the future. Ask the companies what they look for in their employees - perhaps they want students who made abroad or anyone involved in the Corps.

Are you at the end of your education?

Utnarm could be your step out in working life so come prepared. Get all the information you need about theses and jobs after graduation. Grab contacts and information about the companies you think would suit you. But remember to think outside the box, perhaps your dream company is something very different than you originally thought - which way would you go?