The Puzzle Hunt Rally

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students Puzzle Hunt Rally takes place every autumn and is a whole day with fun activitys. In The Puzzle Hunt Rally the participants are in different teams, where every team has a car and tries to solve different puzzles (rebuses) to work their way through Uppsala and it's neighborhood.

The Puzzle Hunt Rally was arrange for the first time by the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students in 2003 and over the years the event has grown and developed to the grandest in Sweden. It is a very appreciated event, today including around 90 teams. The Puzzle Hunt Rally is an event for all students at the faculty of science and technology at Uppsala University. The registration for participation will open in early September.

The purpose of the Puzzle Hunt Rally is for the team to solve a rebus and with its help go to the next place and get a new rebus. In this way the team will drive round in Upland. During the journey the team will do some tasks and collect extra points. In the end of the day there will be a festive final.

Are you interested to participate in the Puzzle Hunt Rally? Put together a team and keep your eyes open for when the registration opens!