Math Prep

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science is organizing a refresher course in mathematics during the autumn receptions. This course is called ”the Proprietorial course”.


The Proprietorial course is a co-operation between the department of mathematics and Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students. During the first two weeks of school, new SciTech students have the chance to refresh their math skills before the courses begin. The course is non-mandatory and consists of ten lessons.

The prep teachers start their pedagogic training in March. At meetings we listen to guest lecturers, talk about the Prep teachers role and get comfortable with the course material and also each other. 

The Math Prep is not only taught in the traditional way, it is also a way for new students to get to know both their new classmates and the university. In other words it's not all about the mathematics. Since the Prep teachers are older students they know a lot about finding their way around campus, which books to buy and how to pass exams.