Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students most important work is with student-educational interests, but we also arrange a lot of social events. Our social events gives us as a Union greater contact with our students but also it gives everyone a funnier and better student life. All of UTN's events is driven by committees and work groups that commit time and energy parallel to their studies. If you want to become one of them, read more in the "Get involved!" tab.

UTN's events are taking place at different times during the year, with yearly recurring events.


  • Receptions (term start)
  • Prep Math (term start)
  • The Puzzle Hunt Rally (Sep/Oct)
  • Utnarm (Nov)
  • Examensgasquen (Nov)
  • Battle of the Sections (Nov/Dec)


  • The Science Ball (Feb/Mar, every two years)
  • Polhacks (Mar/Apr)
  • The River Raft (Apr)

During the whole year there are also Thursday pubs and company events. Once every two years (odd years) the Science ball takes place on Uppsala Castle, read more about these events in the submenu.

If you are interested in helping us with any of these events, either as a volunteer or as a project manager, you can read more in "Get involved!".