The Management team and the Board

The Board of Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students consists of seven members. Those are the President, the Vice President and five students. The board is elected by the Council in April each year and leads the tactical operations and implements the decisions that the Council makes. The management team in turn is elected by the Board and consists of ten students who are on a study break, to work on different issues to make your time of study better.

The Board

The Board consists of the President of the Union, the Vice President and five members who study alongside their involvement in the Board. The Board meets every two weeks and make sure that Council decisions will be realized. The Board plans for the future of the organization and gives proposals to the Council. They also selects a lot of people of trust, such as the management team and Project managers of the committees.


The President of the Union is the main representative both towards the Union and the outside world. The President is also the supervisor of the management team.

Petter Elgh
018-57 25 21

Vice president with financial responsibilities

The Vice President with financial responsibilities works with the finances of the Union and performance management. The Vice President acts as President if he or she is not available.

Fredrik Örn
018-57 25 22

Student memebers of the board

These five members study alongside their involvement in the Board.

The management team

The management team of the Union is elected by the Board. The management team works full time to make your study time in Uppsala better. They all work with different issues, such as maintaining student-educational interests, labour market affairs, marketing and social activities.

Student Liaison Officers

The Student Liaison Officers works with monitoring and improving the programs at the Faculty of Science and Technology and to improve the social situation of the students. The Student Liaison Officers are specialized in a these areas: Academic Affairs, Student Welfare Affairs, Labour Market Affairs and International Affairs.

Information Officer

The primary mission of the Information Officer is the provide information about what the Union is and what the Union does to the students of the faculty and to external parties. In addition, the Information Officer coordinates and administrates UTN's websites and email systems.

Clara Sporrong
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Head of Corporate Relations

The Head of Corporate Relations facilitates and assists in collaborations with external partners.. These collaborations create possible meetings between students and the labour market, and makes it possible for various forms of sponsorship to UTN's activities.

Martin Gustavsson
070-308 95 27

Crew Master

The crew master is head of the Pub Crew and makes sure that Thursday pubs and the rentals of Uthgård runs smoothly. The crew master is also a great support for volunteers in committees and workgroups in general, especially when it comes to kitchen, bar, alcohol management and appropriately.

Anna Hillver
070-495 99 28

Manager of the Café  

The manager of the café is in charge of the kitchen and food storage at Uthgård. He or she is responsible for the operation and profitability of the café, as well as for the coordination of UTN's food purchases. The manager of the café is also a great support for volunteers in committees and workgroups in general, especially when it comes to kitchen and kitchen routines.

Jacob Stålhammar
070 308 95 24