Brief FUM 2020:3

Here is a brief of FUM 2020:3

19-May: So it was time for the FUM:s last meeting of the semester. After some formalities it was as usual time for some messages from UTN:s different posts about what they’ve been up to since the last FUM. The handing over of posts was on the list for many of the posts. COVID-19 keeps interfering, but there is still work to do, however a bit different from usual. 
Before the motions started the collegium of seniors that was discussed during FUM 2020:1 was now voted into place. The first motion of the meeting regarded changing UTN:s environmental and climate policy. This question had in part already been discussed in FUM 2020:1 where it was decided to postpone the question until a later FUM. After a long debate and a few compromises proposal sent forward by UTN was passed with a few modifications. The rest of the motions regarded revision of which section you belong to, revision of the document of opinions and changing it so that Techna’s publisher also can run for other posts in UTN. 
Propositions were up next, where several larger propostions where voted through, among others the budget for 2020-2021. It was also decided to start a foundation for the building and running of the UTN building as well eventual student housing. 
20-May: Day 2 started with going through the last of the propositions where it was decided to appoint 18 members to the new collegium of seniors. After that it was time for some elections, among others the posts that weren’t filled during FUM2020-2. FUM decided to appoint two new board members, Linnea Jansson and Torun Moberg. After that it was time to appoint a chief editor for Techna where Ruta Upite was appointed. For the last posts a group that decided to run as a trio where appointed. Hanna Stjernfeldt, Annie Paulsson and Kajsa Wengelin where chosen for vice secretary, speaker and secretary respectively. 
After a short evaluation this semesters last FUM ended. Looking forward to seeing what the next semester can offer. 
NVF Max Johansson Saarijärvi