FUM Brief 2020:2

Here is a brief of FUM 2020:2

14 April 2020 18:00

Palindrome-pandemic-zoom-election-FUM is here! Certainly, a union council that ends up in the history book and after a bit of trouble with the technology, we are up and running. The presiding committee of the council is struggling to get through the first items on the agenda while we Members kindly sing yes in different voices and out of step.

The Bureau has chosen to close all meeting points that are not regulated in order to reduce the meeting time. This does not leave many points to discuss except for the forthcoming elections! Before that, the management team and the board present their respective work reports where the theme, of course, is how the coronavirus affected their work. However, many people's work continues as before with the big change that meetings are held via zoom instead.

Maria Wojtowicz, K, president of the Election Committee, may now take over the show, where two lighter proposals, regarding the nomination committee and the board's job descriptions are voted through. After Maria starts presenting the Election Committees nominees. First out is the president of UTN!

The Election Committee's nominees end up in the hot seat and fencing beautifully away from the union council's questions about how they would conduct their time as president. A candidate also applies for president during the meeting, who mentions an impressive CV where they had a variety of casesin different compounds of different sizes. A third candidate is presented who bursts with joy and vision, the candidate shows great interest in the corps.

The council is in discussion about the three candidates, two of whom will soon appear at their strongest. After at least half an hour of discussion, Anna Ivert, X, is elected as UTN's new president!

The council takes a short break before the election of the vice president kicks off. At the convening of the meeting, however, a discussion begins about the fact that we will not keep up withthe rest of the vice presidents. The council votes to extend the meeting to 23, but the meeting is then divided. Instead, the meeting is adjourned until the next day.

15 April 2020 18:00

Today's meeting was started up in style, a little more routine. The president of the Election Committee, Maria, gets almost directly the word and she presents the Election Committee's nominated candidate for the election of vice president! The candidate shows great certainty and has relevant experience in office. The next candidate shows up impressive cv when they managed finances for no less than four associations at the same time. The last candidate also has these qualifications to do a brilliant job. The council once again has a tough decision to deal with.

After the debate, it became clear that the competence of one of the candidates is indispensable and would serve as a good complement to the strengths of the president-elect. The council chooses Måns Bengtsson, F, as the new vice president of the Union.

The meeting moves quickly on to the next election, which are two internal auditors. Maria presents two nominees who both have broad experience from different types of involvement within the union. During each performance, the candidates appear to be stable individuals with good insight into the office's tasks and obligations. The union council chooses Leo Hoff von Sydow, STS, and Erik Bowall, K, as the union's new internal auditors!

Next up are the five board members of the union. Maria announces that there are only three applicants that we wanted to go through. Two candidates turned out to be what you could wish for in a board member. Our third candidate received opinions against them about earlier tenures which meant that he would not fit in our board. The Council decided to appoint Emma Nilsson, NVG, and Karl Fredrik Boholm, F, as board members.

The next choice is for editor in chief of Techna. Since there were no applicants beforehand and no one in the chamber, the election was postponed. Instead, we targeted the deputy editor in chief of Techna. A candidate who has been part of Techna's work and another student newspaper in Uppsala is presented. The ambition to run the newspaperand the already acquired insight into the work convinced theCouncil, who thus chose Axel Kockum, X, as deputy editor in chief of Techna.

What would a newspaper be without someone responsible for publishing it properly? Publisher of Techna is next in line where it there was a nominee. The person has an almost perfect cv for this post and is passionate about the magazine. The publisher should be active for three years, something that the candidate talks positively about. Thus, the council chose Elizaveta Yakoleva, F, as publisher of Techna.

Last out this P-P-Z-V-FUM is the election of a member of the board of the University. Even here, only one candidate has been standing, and like the last election, they felt very suited to their task. Good insight into how the university's work is needed and an overall insight into how our union works to perform this office. The candidate showed great understanding of the importance of the office and spoke confidently about his plan to implement it. The union council chose to elect Petter Elgh, K, as the new member of the board of the University

Since all elections have now been handled and no new candidate appeared, the council had to decide to vacant the positions of editor in chief of Techna, three board members and deputy speaker (who was not handled this meeting). After a short evaluation, the meeting couldbe taken off. Strong work by Presiding committee of the council who flexibly made it through this new form of meeting, and congratulations to all newly elected!

Q-section by Colin Daly