Brief FUM 2020:1

Here is a summary of FUM 2020: 1, written by Emil Säbb of NVK, meeting date 25 and 26 February 2020.

On February 25, FUM held its first meeting of the year, with documents sent out too late and not updated before the actual meeting. With a few minor changes to the documents, FUM was able to approve the documents and reports from the presidency, the union's elected officials and Techna's editors told what they had done since the last FUM. This included many meetings being held, as well as asking questions to the reports.

Subsequently, long discussions began on how UTN would position itself on SFS's new position on SD, where acronyms are in great focus. After the lengthy discussion, it was concluded that UTN would support the new guidelines that SFS has presented. Then a long discussion started, about the change in the reexaminations periods. There it was information that, among other things, GB does not have reexamnition periods and everyone mourned with them when this appeared. By a good margin, the majority of FUM was against the University's proposal to change the reexamination periods, and that FUM was to retain the rethink periods as they are now.

When it was time for the Motion, it was ultimately rejected with leading arguments that the Board had already begun an investigation into precisely the issues that the Proposition dealt with, so FUM decided to reject the Proposition and instruct the Board to come up with a bill on the next FUM regarding environment and sustainability issue.

Then it was fun that Maria Wojtowicz was elected Chairman of the Nomination Committee during this meeting, however no one was elected Internal Auditor or Vice Secretary during this FUM meeting.

Then it was time for day 2 of FUM, February 26, 2020, during this meeting, the promised sandwiches disappeared, but as a result, the proposals were voted on relatively quickly, because it involved the smallest changes in the Policy document that would be updated most, and the introduction of and Senior College. Hence, day 2 of FUM was over in just under an hour, which was appreciated by several people.

Nice FUM spirit this time, we hope to see you at FUM 2020:2! Emil Säbb, NVK