Brief for Fullmäktige 2018:4

Thanks to André Hofsted who wrote the breif for this semester's first assembly in the Union's council. We'll see you again in the end of October!

It’s time for the first FUM of the semester, and on the agenda we have the Tactical Operational Plan (TVP), budget and motions about more money for those engaged in the Union.

The meeting began with a crash course in meeting regulations to remind everyone after the summer and to make it easier for the new participants. After that the meeting was opened, with 31 voters present.

After some formalities, the meeting went on with messages from the new board and other important positions within the Union, where they explained their tasks and what they have been up to since the last FUM.

There was an “other question” raised regarding the appointment of acting vice Editor in Chief for the Unions magazine Techna, where Johanna Blomstedt was the only candi-date and was chosen for the position.

After that election we proceeded with the motions, where Emanuel Eriksson talked about his suggestion for adjustments of the Guidelines for Internal Compensation. The other motion was about the salary for those working with in the Union, which Hannes Thorell wanted to increase. The discussions went around how this both these changes would affect the Unions budget, both as a whole and for specific event, and which people would be able to use these new or increased compensations. In the end it was decided that the board should revise the Guidelines for Internal Compensation, and to postpone the suggested salary raise to FUM 2018:6, where the board will propose a new suggestion after investigating cost and other options.

With those decisions followed the meetings closing for the day, and a bit more than 19 hours of break was given.

Day two started by taking on the great documents budget and the TVP. The presentation of these where followed by loads of questions, explanations and changes (mostly by the board), and some discussions about the Focus questions, mostly regarding “Accessibility”. The discussion went about whether it was best to mention minorities that should be included or to go by the “None named, none forgotten” principle, where the last mentioned way was the way chosen when the TVP and budget was accepted.

After that we had an epic “fika” with sandwiches, cookies, chocolate balls and buns. A minor setback was the somewhat cold coffee and a lack of tea.

Next on the agenda was Techna’s Operations Plan and budget, which both apparently have been missing the last five years. All speakers seemed very positive to the Editor in Chief Elizaveta’s work with the Operations Plan and budget, and after a short discussion they were both accepted.

Suddenly the meeting had come to an ending, and we will be getting ready for the next FUM, which will hopefully bring as many discussions as this meeting.


Best regards,
The NVG-section via André Hofstedt