Uppgradering av passersystem

The university will upgrade it's security system during the beginning of january, which may provide disturbances during the evenings in the first week.

A complex technical system, such as the University passage control system, needs running upgrades. The time has come when we need to upgrade both C-nodes - S-nodes - Card reader with new software versions. This upgrade is quite time consuming, but in order to disturb activities at campus areas / departments as little as possible the upgrades will be performed  evenings at nights the following dates:

  • Tuesday 2/1 between 1900 and 0200
  • Wednesday 3/1 between 1900 and 0200
  • Thursday 4/1 between 1900 and 0200


During upgrade hours both card reader and push-button will be out of order. The card reader display will flash “offline” and there will be a beeping sound for a few minutes. Wait by the door or, if possible, choose another route. Securitas will be informed and the passage control crew will be in frequent contact with them.