About UpUnet-S in student housings

Right now Uppsala University is conducting an investigation on the future of UpUnet-S access in student housings.

UpUnet-S is currently the student network that exists in a large part of the Uppsala student housings to give us students access to the internet in our student residences. The student network has from time to time been criticized of being unstable and slow, but in 2013 the University's IT department investigated UpUnet-S future and the possibility of termination of the student network in student housings.

Unfortunately, the student unions in Uppsala have not been involved in this whole process to lift student opinions, but now the unions are involved in order to take part of the investigation and Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students has begun to grasp the question. The University has, however, embraced the criticism and they will try to improve their communication with us students so we will be notified earlier in other questions in the future.

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science will continue to investigate the matter about UpUnet-S to ensure that we students have a good access to the internet in our student housings.

More about discussions on UpUnet can read on the newspaper Ergo's website (Swedish).