Student in Uppsala

It is often said that Uppsala is Sweden's best student city, something that we at Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Student can agree about. As a student in Uppsala there is much to learn and know. Are you a new student in the city we recommend you to take a look under "New Student" and do you have any concerns about your student ID look under "Student ID".

As a new student in Uppsala there are a lot of things that might be good to know. Under the tab "New student" you can read about Uppsalas campus, housing, the unions, the nations, student culture, receptions, literature and where to get support and help.

As a student you are entitled to receive a student ID. This can be used to get discounts and in Uppsala it is combined with the nations card which means that you can get into the nation. As a member of Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students you can also get a sticker for your student ID which makes it easy to prove your membership in the Union. Read more under "Student ID".