Section associations

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students is made up of its members. These are divided into sections depending on the program / ​​what courses they study at the university. These sections then have sectional associations representing and taking care of their members through various student educational intrests work and social activities.


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Intresseorganisationen för Natur-Tekniskt Basår/Termin (INTeB)

INTeB is the organisation for all students at the science and technology foundation year programme. Our main focus is to make the time studying as giving and fun as possible for the students. We do this by having study evaluation meetings, hosting a study group once a week as well as organizing parties and fun activities on when the school closes. We are made by the students, for the students and with the students.

Students at: SciTech Properitory Programme

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Uppsala Computer Scientists

The association Uppsala Computer Scientists (UD) is the association for all students studying the bachelor or master programme in computer science in Uppsala. The board works with different issues regarding education and studies from a social perspective. We also arrange social events for the students at the programmes.

Students in: Bachelor in Computer Scince, Master in Computer Science, Master in Human-Computer Interaction

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Uppsala Student Association of Electrical Engineering (USE)

Uppsala Student Association of Electrical Engineering represents students who study some of the programs in electrical engineering. The board works with issues that concern our students such as study supervision, contact with business and academic social responsibility. We do this to improve programs for the next student generations. When we do not work with development work, we are in our sectional office, on parties, on a boat in the Baltic Sea or any other fun that our Klubbverk has found for us. You can use our event calendar and follow our newsletter to stay up to date! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us! We are also available on Facebook!

Students in:Master Programme in Electrical Engineering, Bachelor Programme in Electrical Engineering, Master Programme in Renewable Electricity Production

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The association The Energy System Technologists (FET)

The association The Energy System Technologists (FET) is the association for all students studying engineering in energy systems (ES). The board of the association works, among other things, with issues regarding education and studies from a social perspective. It also aims to increase the contact and relations between students, alumni and companies. All activity is characterized by the will to contribute to the best possible studying experience for all students of ES during their study period. The association is there for the students, and the board members are longing to run the questions the students deem important!

Students in: Master in Energy Systems Engineering

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The Association of Uppsala Engineeing Physics Students

The Association of Uppsala Engineering Physics students – FUTF – work to ensure that the student of the Masters Programme in Engineering Physics gets the most out of their studies. FUTF organize festivities, skiing trips, sports activities like football, volleyball and much more.

We also work to ensure the quality of our education and other study related questions as well as governing the collaboration between students and companies.

If you want to know more and find out what we are up to right now, see our website at:

Students in: Master in Engineering Physics

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Uppsala ingenjörsförening 

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Students in: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor in Construction Engineering, Bachelor in Nuclear Engineering and Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering.

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Föreningen IT-sektionen

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Students in: Master in Computer and Information Engineering, Master in Embedded Systems

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Students in: Master in Chemical Engineering


The Student Council of Biology (BÄR)

The Student Council of Biology, BÄR, is the section association within UTN that represents all students who study biology/molecular biology at Uppsala University. We work to make our students time during their education the very best possible. Through our student union activities we speak for the students towards the institution and students union. BÄR also creates a social connection for biologists at Uppsala University by arranging different kinds of activities, from study circles to parties.

Students in: Bachelor in Biology, Master in Biology, Master in Applied Biotechnology

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Fysikums Kamratförening (FysKam)

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Students in: Bachelor in Physics, Master in Physics, Master in Computational Science

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Geovetenskapliga Rådet för Uppsalas Studenter (GRUS) 

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Students in: Bachelor in Earth sciences, Master in Earth sciences, Master in Sustainable Development

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Intresseföreningen Uppsala Akademiska Kemister (IUPAK)

IUPAK (Intresseföreningen UPpsala Akademiska Kemister) IUPAK is an association for all students studying the Bachelor and the Master Programmes in Chemistry at Uppsala University. Our members can be easily recognized by the wine-red lab coats with an image of a camel (our symbol) on the back.
The association works to maintain student-educational interests and to organize different social events, some being the annual party “Analysfesten” and “Chemia” (our Lucia celebration).
If you want to know more about us you can find information in our Facebook group ( or on our webpage ( See you around!

Students in: Bachelor in Chemistry, Master in Chemistry

[email protected]NVL

The Natural Science Association for Teacher Students

LärNat - The Natural Science Association for Teacher Students - is the sectional association for teacher students studying natural science education at Uppsala University. We work to improve teacher students visibility and education here at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The association was founded in May 2012 and have since January 2014 been a sectional association within Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students. This makes us one of the youngest sectional associations of the union.

We work with educational quality and issues as well as student welfare issues, but our main purpose is to connect all teacher students studying natural science. This leads us to focus on organising social activities to give the teacher students a chance to meet and to get to know each other.

Would you like to know more? Check out our webbpage.
We are also on Facebook.

Students at: Upper Secondary School Teacher Education Programme with orientation toward at least one natural science subject, Primary School Teacher Education Programme during the mathematics semester and possible natural science semester

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Moebius have always existed, but the assossiation where founded about 30 years ago as a interestgroup along mathstudents. Now a days everyone is welcome, the most common involved moebiots are bachelors in math, physics and chemistry. 

We are located in the basement of house 2 at ITC and usually a socialcommunity with many events. For example the Julphest (christmasfeast) the 24th of September. We also maintain student educational/social interests through the StudentCouncill NVM (Studierådet NVM) for all mathstudents at the SciTech-faculty.

If you are curious about us you can email [email protected], or you can come visit us and have a chat over a table top game. 

See you at campus!

Students in: Bachelor in Mathematics, Master in Mathematics

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Students in: Master in Materials Engineering

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The Student Association of the STS-section 


STS-section is the section working on behalf of STS and MILI students, to promote their interests.

Based on the interaction with our members we organized a number of events that contribute to a good cohesion and a rewarding STS-spirit. With our continuous efforts we organize student council, field trips, motivating lectures and maintain a rewarding contact with our alumni students for strengthening the education and attractiveness of our students.


Welcome to become a part of the STS-spirit!

Students in: Master in Sociotechnical Systems Engineering, Master in Industrial Management and Innovation

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We are W-Engineers (WAVE)

WAWE is the association that works to put a silver lining for everyone studying the Master program in Environmental and Water Engineering: a lovely group of students whose dream is to save the world and survive the electromagnetism exam!

The association’s work covers everything related to student interests, from the improvement of the education, marketing events, to social events. WAWE will be there for you when you want to go to a gasque, want to know more about life below and above the Water surface, study, apply for fundings to a fun event or just enjoy the Swedish fika!

Students in: Master in Environmental and Water Engineering

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The Student Association for Interest and Amusement for the X-programme 

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Students in: Master in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering, Master in Bioinformatics, Master in Molecular Biotechnology

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