Café Bocken

Café Bocken is the student union's own coffee shop, which serves good coffee and light lunches to student-friendly prices. The café is open weekdays and is located at Uthgård's ground floor. I wish you a warm welcome!

At Café Bocken we serve eco-labeled coffee, freshly baked pastries, candy, ice cream and other goodies. In the cafe you can pay with both cards and cash. If you want to take a break from school there is also a wide selection of board games that will make time go a little faster.

The café's opening hours:
Mon-Tue: 9-16.15
Wed: 10-16.15
Thu: 9-16.15
Fri: 9-13.15

The opening hours of the café can vary a bit, if nobody is standing behind the counter, it is okay to pay with cash in the blue chest!

Jacob Stålhammar
070 308 95 24